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Wine Tasting

Wine tasting is the ultimate gentleman's (and ladies) sport.  It is not as simple as some think (you don't simply drink the wine and give your opinion) as it involves numerous areas of examination.  As you begin your wine tasting journey, you should gain a basic grasp on the areas of appearance (also called color), bouquet (also called aroma), and the taste itself.

The appearance of a wine has several areas of its own.  These are usually classified as depth, clarity, and liveliness.  The depth of the drink refers to the color of the wine, and is usually described as light, medium, or dark.  The clarity refers to the degree of transparency of the wine (or whether it is not transparent at all, often referred to as “cloudy”).  The liveliness of the beverage are usually seen as being on a scale of vivid to dull.  The main thing that you can tell from the color alone is whether or not the wine may be heading downhill.  A more brown color in white wines, and a lighter color in red wines, is a sign of aging beyond the bottle's prime.

Wine Tasting Set Up

The aroma of the wine is a far more important and telling indicator of the wine's tastes and quality.  The bouquet of the wine can tell you various things about it, and keep your taste buds open for the more subtle flavors.  You can often detect the woody, fruity, or spicy undertones of the wine through the smell alone.  When trying to gain a full perception of what the wine's aroma has to offer, you should swirl the glass for several seconds in order to bring out the smell.

In wine tasting the final part is tasting itself.  When you take your sip, take only a medium sip so that you can swirl it around so that it touches all parts of your tongue.  Your tongue has different receptors on different parts, so to gain the full experience a full-tongue experience is required.


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