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Wine preservation

Proper wine preservation is key to having the best quality wine possible. Even if you have a ‘47 Cheval if it hasn’t been properly stored you will lose out on its world class taste. The key to proper wine preservation is the control of the four elements that can cause the most damage: temperature, humidity, light and air.

The higher the temperature the faster a wine matures. Most wine experts agree that the best temperature to store a wine is between 50 to 59 degrees (10-15 Celsius). If wine is exposed to very high temperatures for an extended period of time the wine becomes undrinkable. Wine is very susceptible to variations in temperature therefore for the best wine preservation possible one should try to keep the temperature steady. Humidity should be kept around 60-80%. Keeping it at this humidity range allows the moisture to be locked in to prevent evaporation but does not allow enough to grow microorganisms.

Preserving Wine

Light is also a huge variable when it comes to wine. If fact, any light can be detrimental to wine preservation. Colored bottles were first used to shield the delicate wines from any type of light. Too much light can react negatively with the proteins in the wine and create a haze or unpleasant scent when the bottle is opened. The last of the culprits is air. While every bottle has air inside it the larger the bottle the better it keeps since larger bottles have a smaller rate of air per milliliter of wine which slows oxidation. Therefore, they last longer.

Now once your wine is opened wine preservation is a completely different ballgame but there are several new gadgets that can prolong the life of your wine so you can savor it for a day or two more. One thing that works quite well is a vacuum sealer. This handy gadget helps remove all the air inside a bottle so you can almost stop oxidation. Another interesting product is inert gas wine preservation. This wine preservation system instead of removing the oxygen fills the empty wine bottle space with inert gas to minimize oxidation. Now if either of these sound a bit too complicated then there is always the handy wine stopper. Usually tapered, they range from cork to metal and are the low-tech version of wine preservation.

Whether you are looking to keep your wine for 100 years for future generations or till tomorrow these tips will help you with your wine preservation so you can preserver and serve your wine in an optimal environment.

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