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Wine bucket & chillers

When trying to entertain impressively, you have to have certain essentials. The right champagne paired with a gorgeous wine chiller provides not only a way to chill your champagne it does so beautifully, with grace and style.

Chill Buckets

While champagne chillers have always been in use for holiday parties wine buckets and chillers are a much newer addition to the social scene. There are many options when considering the perfect wine or champagne bucket for your occasion. You can choose a beautiful stainless steel wine bucket or one with black with chrome trim and a chrome cover. A good quality wine bucket can last for decades. Remember to look for not only pretty aesthetics but also a water-tight wine cooler. Another thing to look for is size. Make sure the size you get is appropriate for you usage so the it can provides ample room to chill white wines, champagne, water, beer and other beverages. For large scale parties you can buy a tub wine chiller. These are designed for multiple bottles of wines and beers and usually are designed with two sturdy handles for carrying.

For those looking for a higher end model that keeps their wine and beer cold and dry would be a thermal balancing wine bucket that keeps a bottle of wine chilled without using ice so the bottle stays completely dry. This won’t accommodate more than one bottle but for those who do not want a wet bottle this would be the gadget they need. The wine buckets works by four removable ice-packs that are inserted between the exterior and a plastic lining. This double-wall construction keeps ice frozen for hours and helps keep your wine chilled.

Wine and cheese

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