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Wine Terminology

When you love wine, you may very well find that you are confused about all of the different wine terminology uses that you find during your wine of the month club. However, it is possible for you to learn the many different styles of wine terminology that are frequently used by wine coinsures throughout the world.
Some of the most popular types of wine terminology are:

  • Acid or acidity is the flavor that is known to give wine a sharp or tangy flavor. It is also attributed to the bouquet of a wine.
  • Aeration is the process of allowing your wine to breath.
  • Aging, aged, or age is when a wine is allowed to grow older under controlled circumstances.
  • Acrid describes an overly pronounced acidic flavor in a wine.
  • Aftertaste is the flavor that lingers after you have sipped your wine.
  • Attractive is usually coined as a light or fresh style of wine that is easy to drink.
  • Blanc is a French word for wine.
  • Body is the overall flavor and fullness that a wine can hold
  • Bouquet is generally the scent of the wine.
  • Brut is used to describe a dry wine in French.
  • Champagne is a light or white wine that is infused with light carbonation.
  • Buttery is associated with white wines that describes the flavor and texture of white wines.
  • Dry wine means that the wine isn’t sweet.
  • Earthy describes a soil based flavoring.
  • Finish is essentially the aftertaste.
  • Maceration is a step during fermentation.
  • Mature means that the wine is now ready to drink.
  • Smokey is to coin a term to describe a wood-smoke scent to the wine.
  • Tannin is known to add dryness and astringency to the wine.
  • Supple describes a well balanced wine.

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