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Wine Shelves

You can store wine on normal shelves if you have them up and down, but you can put them with their tops facing out because they will roll off the shelf and get everywhere.  That’s why you buy wine shelves that are especially made to allow you to put your bottles of wine on their side.  There are many different kinds of wine shelves that work for this specific purpose, so you have many options to choose from.  You could have a small unit with a couple shelves or rooms filled with aisles of floor to ceiling wine cabinets.  It all depends on the amount of wine you need to store.  Restaurants have basements that are devoted to storing their wine, but you don’t need something nearly as big unless you’re storing tons of wine.  Some private citizens have gigantic wine cellars, but these people are few and far between.
For the people who don’t have to money to build a room filled with wine shelves, we buy little units to make sure we’re using the space we have available wisely.  If you use your space wisely, you’re going to be able to put more wine in the same room.  If you can’t afford expensive wine shelves, you should make your own.  This is a task reserved only for people who are experienced with a hammer.  Don’t try to make your own wine shelves if you have no clue how to make furniture.  You wouldn’t want your wine to fall and make a big mess, would you?

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