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Wine Cube

A wine cube is similar to wine shelves, except there isn’t a separate for each individual wine bottle.  Instead, they usually come in the form of a box with an X on the front and back.  You will have to put one wine in each area and stack the remainder of the wine bottles around the one you just put in the wine cube.  This is an undesirable route for those of us who want to get a bottle of wine out without having to worry about the rest of the bottles around it crashing to the ground.  A lot of people use wine cubes to decorate their house, not as efficient methods for storing their wine.  If you do want to get a bottle of wine out of one of your wine cubes, it’s rather difficult, but it isn’t something that’s too hard to figure out.

building a wine rack

We recommend that you go with traditional wine shelves.  They make a lot more sense than wine cubes.  You’re able to get bottles of wine off of them quickly without having to worry about disturbing the other bottles of wine around it.  We also recommend that you try both methods of storing wine to see which one works the best for the needs of your collection.  You will be surprised when you find out which one is a success.  It’s probably not the one you’re thinking of right now.  If it’s either wine cubes or wine shelves, you’re going to be able to breathe easy knowing your wine is stored safe.

Wood wine racks

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