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Wine is a spirit because it’s a distilled alcoholic beverage.  In fact, most alcoholic drinks could be considered spirits if you looked at it a little more closely.  Needless to say, spirits have come a long way.  We might not know the origin of a lot of them because they have been around for so long, but what we do know is how far they have come since they made their first appearance.  The formulas might not change, but advancements in technology are somehow making the same alcohol taste better than it ever did before.  The preparation is the biggest part to making an alcoholic beverage.  Improved technology makes preparing alcohol easier, faster, and more efficient.  Just when you thought these processes couldn’t get any easier, a new product comes out that revolutionizes the industry.

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It makes sense that there are campaigns out there that promote drinking alcohol in moderation.  This is important because alcohol should always be consumed in moderation.  If you drink too much of it, you’re bound to have health problems and die somewhere down the line.  This effect might be as fast acting as what you would find in narcotics, but it’s arguably worse.  You don’t want to see your love one slowly die because the alcohol they loved so much began to eat them away from the inside.  Alcohol is the perfect drug for a first time offender because it’s easy to quit.  The rate of relapsing patients in this country is cause for alarm.

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