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Summer wines

For many there is nothing better than a summer wine. Light, crisp and floral they are the perfect addition to the season of warmth and good times. Summer wines typically are lighter bodied and pair perfectly with chicken or fish.

Summertime drinks

Once the heat and swelter has reached a fever pitch wine aficionados usually swear off the full-bodied reds that typically get all the attention in the wine world and opt for the lighter, both in color and taste, wines. Can you imagine a cabernet at 95 degrees? No I can’t either, but a light Riesling, I will take that any day.

Rieslings typically come from Germany but can now come from as far away as Australia. They can range from very dry to so sweet you would think you are drinking syrup rather than a wine. But they always have a core of peaches and an underlying acidity that ensures balance.

Roses are another great summer wine to try. Roses from the south of France are one of the most unappreciated wines in the United States. This can be due to its close color proximity to the ever ridiculed white zinfandel from northern California. But rest assured wine lovers roses from the south of France are not white zinfandels.

Summer wines are a great way to add a level of sophistication to any summer gather, big or small. No matter what you taste preference the perfect summer wines with their sweetness and hints of floral and fruit aromas will be a hit at any summer party.

White zinfandel

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