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Stocking your home bar

Stocking your own home bar can be an intimidating task. For those of us new to this there are several items that are essential when attempting to successfully stock your home bar. A good quality cocktail shaker and stirrer are essential. How can you shake a cocktail properly without a shaker? Well… you can’t therefore it’s a must. Another must is a proper wine and bottle opener, not just a corkscrew from the corner gas station. Other items such as jiggers, stirrers, pitchers and measuring spoons are also handy and a must if you wish to stock your home bar properly.

While home bar tools are key, they are useless if you have nothing to use them on. The number one item that a home bar must have in stock is liquor. If one does not have liquor technically one doesn’t have a bar now do they? There are many liquors and liqueurs out there that are needed to fully stock a bar but for the beginner home bartender there are a few essential spirits that once in your home bar will serve as the basis for a huge variety of drinks.
The five must haves of any bar are vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey and scotch or Irish whiskey. After you have secured these basic liquors you can move on to more specialty liqueurs such as schnapps, vermouth, brandies and cognacs. But even the basic liquors would be nothing without a large supply of mixers and garnishes. Tonic water, club soda, soft drinks and a wide variety of juices especially cranberry and orange are a safe bet to always have on hand. As for garnishes, a lemon or lime wedge can spruce up any drink.

To try your hand at bartending at home there are certain tools which you must have so when stocking your home bar remember the get the best quality tools and spirits available to you.

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