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Stemware holders

Stemware holders are the smaller, more economical version of their stemware rack cousin. They can be wooden, plastic or metal holders of wine, champagne glasses with stems. They have slots that allow for the insertion of the wine glasses. They can be attached or hung as if a chandelier or decorative piece.

A new trend is to reuse old oak barrel staves or panels from wineries who would otherwise be forced to throw them out into wooden stemware holders.

Another reason to add stemware racks to your bar is that your crystal and glass stemware will be more secure and safer than in a regular display cabinet or locked in some closet. If you have proper stemware racks you are sure to that your crystal will stay put and there is no chance of someone dropping something on it or bumping a cabinet that it may be in. Stemware racks put your stemware on display in a unique way. It shows those who come into your home that when it comes to your home bar you mean business. That when it comes to wines you know what you are talking about you know what you are talking about.

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