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Pairing food and beer

Most of us love food.  Most of us are also pretty big fans of beer.  But when it comes to creating a perfect pairing of these two great loves in our life, many of us are either lost or confused.   Here are a few basic tips for pairing beer and food.

First of all, it's okay to experiment!  Try different pairings to see what tastes good to you and yours.  No matter what else we suggest, remember that your taste buds are the final judges when it comes to your meals.  Never be afraid to try something that goes against the standard rules if you think it might just play out well.

Beer and food combos

Beyond experimenting, though, keep these things in mind.  First, the more bitter the beer, the more hearty the meal should be.  Otherwise, your beer is going to overwhelm the meal itself, and that's something we definitely want to avoid.

If your beer is sweeter, you'll also want to consider pairing it with sweeter meals, and vice verca.  Similar tastes should generally go together.  Your beer's sweetness should usually exceed the sweetness of the food on the plate (and similar rules apply for other tastes, like tartness).  Of course, there are exceptions – like with desserts and chocolates.

Also, remember that taste is a personal thing!  Don't be upset because someone doesn't like a pairing that you like.  Continue to learn the tastes of those who you cook for in order to make the perfect meal.  After all, the perfect meal isn't based on mathematics, but on the people sitting at your table


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