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Modular wine racks

For anyone contemplating a home wine cellar the task can seem intimidating. You may love your wine; you may own many of them but how to store them without taking up the whole house and have them accessible at the same time. A way to incorporate an economical use of wall space to store fine wines is to put in a modular wine rack system in your home. Modular racks can start as small as 12 bottles and be as large as several hundred. With modular wine racks you can easily add more racks and expand your wine collection at any time.

Awesome Wine Racks

For those just starting you could try a one column kit which can hold up to 18 bottles and use less than 5 feet of wall space from floor to ceiling. From there you can add on more columns, up to the full width of your wall which could then hold hundreds of fine wines.

If you like to use every available bit of wall space, like I do there are also corner units available that utilize the usually wasted space in any basement or cellar. If those that pay close attention to aesthetics there are many more options such as waterfall wine racks, which allow nine bottles to be displayed one on top of another in cascading wave of wine. Another is the diamond modular wine rack, where bottles are stored in a diagonal pattern either individually or in large quantity. No matter what your goal is, whether design-oriented or completely practical, modular wine racks will benefit any wine enthusiast to display and store their wines accordingly.

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