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Mixing Glasses

If you’re fond of mixed drinks, you need to have a lot of mixing glasses around mix up the contents.  You could produce mixed drinks without the help of mixing glasses, but the result wouldn’t be nearly as good because the ingredients wouldn’t be measured as precisely or mixed together as evenly.  When you’re creating mixed drinks, you need to make sure all of the ingredients work well together.  A mixed drink is like a delicious meal in that all of the flavors need to mix well together in order for the drink to be a success.  If one flavor conflicts with any of the others, the drink might end up being undrinkable.  This is especially the case with alcohol.  All alcohol has a strong taste to it.  When you put in one strong taste that prevails over and conflicts with the other flavors, you’re going to be in a world of hurt.  

Mixers and Shakers
Mixing glasses can be any glass you want to mix your alcohol in or the glasses that are specialized for mixing drinks.  We recommend that you try normal glasses because they aren’t going to cost as much as glasses that are specialized for mixing drinks.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  Specialized mixing glasses are engineered specifically for the needs of your mixed drinks.  If you can afford specialized mixing glasses, we recommend that you buy some because you aren’t going to get a better drink using anything else.  You should buy several of them because the glass mixing glasses aren’t hard to break.

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