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Margarita Salt

Margarita salt is a coarse salt that’s perfect for putting on the rim of a margarita glass.  The salty taste of the salt complements the sweet taste of the margarita and the crunch of the salt can provide a pleasant taste in your mouth.  Once the salt enters the mouth of the drinker, it quickly dissolves.  Some stores sell a number of different salts that would be perfect for a margarita, but there are brands of margarita specific salt.

Salt Crystals
Coarse salts are typically sea salts, which are harvested from large ponds that are periodically raked and slowly evaporated.  The evaporation process is what makes the grains of this type of salt so large.  Coarse salts aren’t just used on margarita glasses though.  They’re also used in kitchens around the world.

To put salt around the rim of your glass, you typically run a lime around the edge of the glass and then turn the glass upside down and dunk it in a pile of salt.  The margarita is then poured into the glass and the overall drink is served.  When you ask someone who loves to drink margaritas why they put salt on the rim of your glass, they don’t know.  It just works.  There’s no explaining it because it does different things for different people.  Some people don’t even put salt on the edge when they drink a margarita.  It isn’t a requirement.
Don’t have too many margaritas when you go out tonight though.  As with anything that is enjoyable, you must enjoy alcohol in moderation.

How to make margaritas

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