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The Types of Liquor Bottle Displays

Liquor bottle displays are not something that can be funneled into a single category or design style. There are as many types of liquor bottle displays as there are types of bars, and anyone who's done real exploring can testify that this is quite a lot. I will briefly discuss the types of liquor bottle displays to help you narrow down your search.

Bottle Display

The first way you can divide the displays is into layered and racked. Many bottle displays come in the form of wine display racks, which are “two dimensional.” All of the bottles lie down alongside one another, and are sometimes covered by glass, plexiglass, or some other clear material (usually a good idea if you're planning on having more expensive beverages displayed). However, layered liquor bottle displays are also very popular, especially if you're wanting it to be more of a show piece.

There are what I like to call “staircase” displays, “pyramid” displays, and “two layer” displays. Two layer displays are just a good way to divide out your liquor if you're going to use it a lot, since you always know which bottle is where. They're very simple, very straightforward, and look fine. Staircase displays have three or more different levels, all of which are the same size, and this can be an excellent way to show off your displays or to manage your collection if it's quite large. The pyramid liquor bottle displays are going to have at least three different layers, each a different size (largest on the bottom to smallest on the top), and these are meant for display purposes, primarily.

Further, you can find these in different styles (classic, Vitorian, modern, art deco, and so on), and in both lit and unlit varieties.

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