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Liquor Pourers

If you want your liquor to come out a lot slower than what it does when you open the bottle, you should fill you cabinets with several liquor pourers.  Liquor pourers allow you to slowly pour out liquor so you don’t drink too much at any one time.  Liquor is ten times more powerful than beer, but the effect is more subtle than what you could ever get with beer.  You have to take breaks to let the liquor sink in or else you’re going to be in for a world of hurt.  Every legitimate health information source says you need to drink alcohol in moderation or else you will face some serious consequences.  What consequences you get depends on the type of liquor you drink.  Most alcohol leads to the same result, but some of them lead to that result quicker because they have a higher percentage of alcohol content.
People who want to drink liquor in moderation have liquor pourers on every bottle in their collection.  Not only do they serve a productive purpose, they are easy on the eyes and make liquor bottles look better than they would without them.  You find solace in the fact that they don’t cost very much.  Most wine and bar accessories cost a pretty penny, but these aren’t going to put a big dent in your pocketbook.  As a result of the low price of liquor pourers, you can stock your liquor cabinet with several bottles that have liquor pourers on them.

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