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Jello Shots

Jello shots are a great party treat, and they're very simple to make.  But how do you make jello shots?  We'll walk you through the process, step by step.

Jello shot

First things first – get your ingredients together.  This is going to include the jello, water, and vodka.  For the jello, choose a type of jello that you like, but it should be fruity and should be one of the flavors that will stand out more to counterbalance the vodka.  Strawberry and cherry are two of the recommended flavors, but feel free to experiment for your own jello shots.

As for the water, this water needs to be hot.  Just use tap water boiled in a kettle on your stove top for best results.

Then get vodka.  You can use any type of vodka, and as it's going to be taken in the form of a shot, quality isn't as important as it might otherwise be.  I never like to use bottom shelf vodka, as it can have adverse affects on my stomach, but you don't need to go for Grey Goose either.  Your jello shots are shots, so don't feel the need to invest in high end mixers.  The potency of your shots, however, can be determined largely by the proof of the vodka.  The higher the proof, the stronger the shots.

Now that you have your ingredients, the process is simple.  Pour the jello packet into a bowl and add the boiling water (you should add two cups, just like the jello container says).  Stir the mixture with a whisk or a fork until everything has dissolved into the water.  Then, add the vodka.  It should be cool vodka – stuff you've kept in your fridge – for best results.  Six ounces of vodka should be plenty, but you can potentially add more or less based on your preference.

Then add the mixture to small shot glasses to make these jello shots, rather than just alcoholic jello.  Plastic shot glasses tend to work best for jello shots, partially because you have an expanding substance in the container.


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