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How wine is made

When you are a wine lover, you may very well find that you are curious in how your favorite alcohol is made. Fortunately, we have put together a brief run-down in how wines are made in general. However, some wineries may vary the steps slightly to produce some of your favorite wines.

  1. Harvesting of the grapes
  2. The grapes are crushed
  3. Skin and seeds remain with red wines but are removed for white wines
  4. This mixture is poured into stainless steel fermenting tanks
  5. They add cultured yeast
  6. Poured into barrels for aging
  7. Wines are racked (or poured into different barrels) throughout the process
  8. About a month later they are bottled
  9. The wine is shipped out and sold

This is the standard process for most wineries throughout the world, producing some of the world’s favorite wines. This process can be better explained when you enjoy a wine-tasting tour at your local winery; so what are you waiting for? Get in gear and set up your wine tasting tour today!


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