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Hosting a Whiskey tasting party

Nothing is likely to make you popular quite so fast as hosting a whiskey tasting party, or at least that will be true for the duration of the party.  Whether you're inviting old friends, having a family event, or doing something as publicity, whiskey tasting parties are a fun activity – which can be a little tricky to get right.  Here are some trips to get you going.

The first step, and likely the most important, is to decide which specific whiskeys you're going to have at the party.  Learn about the different aging processes, the different regions, ando ther things that go into the making of a fine whiskey.  Realize that you can get whiskeys from all over the world – ranging from Japan to Scotland to America and more.  Blended whiskeys are also an option, especially when you're hosting a whiskey tasting party.

Once you have decided which whiskeys you're going to have, you need to get them.  Visiting liquor stores is a start, and there are online tools to track down specific brands and years if you're having trouble.

Now that you have all of that done, have your research information memorized so you can pass it on to your loving guests, you'll want to get the whiskey glasses and a “snifter glass,” or a place they can spit the whiskey if they do not want to drink.  You'll want to provide water as the only chaser, since it doesn't alter the flavor of future drinks.

Using tools on the internet, like email and facebook tools, will allow you to invite your guests more easily than in the past, but remember to use word of mouth as well.


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