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Home bar supplies

If you wish to take your home bar to the next level then you must have to have the right tools. Investing in high quality home bar supplies is a must if you wish to take your home entertainment to the next level. There are a few things that must be in any well-equipped home bar.

The first thing that any home needs is, of course, liquor. Now this may seem obvious but you would be surprised at how many people wish to have a proper bar at home but fail to get the essential liquors needed. A proper home bar should include at least the following liquors: vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey and scotch or Irish whiskey. After you have gotten these you can then move onto more specialty liqueurs such as schnapps, vermouth, brandies and cognacs.

Now unless you are planning to do shooters at your dinner parties most of these liquors aren’t going to do much good unless you have the proper mixers. Some essential home bar mixers are tonic water, club soda, soft drinks and a variety of juices most notably cranberry and orange. Also remember garnishes such as lemon/lime wedges and of course olives. If you have these on hand you will be able to make most of the well-known cocktails.

To make all these ingredients into fantastic cocktails you have to have the essential home bar supplies. A cocktail shaker and strainer are essential. You should also invest in a good quality jigger or spirit measure as well as tongs, measuring spoons, large pitchers (for margaritas) and some novelties items like cocktail swizzles or umbrellas (great for a tropical theme party). Last but not least always have a good quality wine opener on hand. Opening up a bottle of fine wine is just not the same if you open it with a 2 dollar corkscrew from the nearest gas station.

If you wish to leave an impression with your guests and take your home bar to the next level then high quality home bar supplies are ticket.

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