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For some of the more brave of us, travel and adventure means nothing more than braving the wilds of foreign countries, and seeing the sights the way the original nomadic explorers must have.  For those of us with more refined tastes, our travel must paired with fine food and fantastic wine.  After all, experiencing a region does everything to satisfy the sights and sounds and feel already.  The smells and taste are up to us, and there's no better way to satisfy it than to make your trip into food and wine travel & adventures.

Copia Napa Valley

The best way to do this is to complete two important steps.  First is to do your research.  Learn what the best vineyards and restaurants in the region are.  Thanks to the internet, this task is as easy as thinking.  You will enjoy the best, classiest, and most famous locations by following these steps, and your food and wine travel & adventures will meet the mark of what anyone could expect.

There's another move you can make, however, to bring yourself even deeper into this rich portion of the experience.  The best way is to work with locals.  Talk to local residents at cafes or at vineyards to learn about the better kept secrets of the area.  This is how you are likely to find all the most intimate dining experiences.  While I would trust locals completely with advising restaurants to visit, I would only trust the locals working at vineyards to tell me the better years to investigate.


Wine making adventure

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