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European Food & Wine

Whether you're looking to stroll through vineyards in Italy or sip at fine wine in the Loire River Valley in France, while you're in Europe, fine wine and world class dining are an absolute must.  European food & wine have a long history of being the hobbies of nobility and royalty in the ages.  When you visit you will undoubtedly see their influence.  But where should you go for your wining and dining expedition in Europe?  What regions are best?

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The most prominent countries for wine are Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Hungary, and Portugal.  While France may be the most famous, no area should be overlooked.  Still, France is the first area I will discuss.  One of my favorite places in the world is the Loire River Valley, and as a wine lover that should come as no surprise.  In the Loire Valley, Muscadet, Sancerre, and Vouvray are all produced in their most pure and delicious forms.  However, the Loire Valley is easily trumped by Burgundy, which sports Beajolai, Chablis, Cote d'Or, and Macon wines.  Bordeaux should also not be left out of the mix if you're in France.  France also offers some of the world's best dining, including amazing cheeses and royal quality chocolate.

Italy has various amazing wine regions, but Tuscany and Venice are the ones that are most world renowned.  From Chianti to Amarone to Valpolicella, the wines of this region are world-shattering in quality.

Spain may not have the diversity of France or Italy, but it has quality that compensates.  Similarly, Germany, Hungary, and Portugal provide some of the best European food & wine.  None of these areas should be disregarded, and all are worth tasting!


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