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Decorative wine racks

Wine racks have always served a functional purpose to properly store wines. This is due to the fact that a wine bottle should be stored horizontally to make sure the cork stays moist and doesn’t dry out and shrink thus affecting its sealing capabilities. While the functional aspect of wine racks can’t be denied some of the most notable are decorative wine racks.

Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes. They can be small or large, short or tall. They range from traditional to modern to downright eccentric in styling and can be art deco, minimalist to old world European in construction.

Decorative wine racks add a layer of versatility that many others lack. They can be an art piece as well as a functional, practical piece of wine storage. As mentioned before there are countless varieties of wine racks that can be used for the purpose of storage but there are many also that pack a powerful punch in the design aspect as well. One of my favorites it a decorative wine rack that tries to recreate the arch of the spinal column. This is a modern far reaching piece and will not be for everybody but if you want a bold statement and a gorgeous way to showcase your wines it will definitely do the trick. If are trying for a more traditional feel try mahogany. It effortlessly makes you think of leather chairs and libraries. For a more feminine feel try a lighter wood such as maple. Decorative wine racks create a fusion between functionality and art. They are a showcase of your taste as much as the wine you choose to display in them.

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