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Champagne Bucket

When you’re serving champagne, you need to put it in a champagne bucket.  The purpose of a champagne bucket is to cool the champagne before you serve it to your guests.  You could just put the champagne in the fridge, but that wouldn’t work as well or get your champagne as cold as a nice champagne bucket would.  There are a number of different kinds of champagne buckets available on the market today.  The type of champagne bucket you get depends on the type of champagne you buy.  You don’t want to put an expensive bottle of genuine champagne in a cheap plastic champagne bucket. 

Ice Bucket
Real champagne comes from the Champagne Region of France; anything else should be referred to as sparkling wine.  However, in American popular culture, any wine that sparkles is referred to as champagne.  Unless you’re a wine aficionado, you likely aren’t going to care what your wine is called as long as it tastes good.  If you are one of those people who are savvy in the ways of wine, odds are you’re going to correct anyone who has the audacity to call sparkling wine “champagne.”

It’s hard to find a better way to serve your champagne than in a champagne bucket.  They’re the ultimate stylish method of serving champagne to your guests.  You should buy several of them to match whatever type of champagne you might be drinking at that particular time.  Since they’re pretty much a bucket, you can use any bucket looking thing as a champagne bucket.

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