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A Brief History of Wine

The history of wine is older than any religion document, and verges on prehistory. In fact, the oldest wine in the world was likely made in about 6000 BC, or about 8000 years ago. Wine had become popular and spread around the globe by around 3500 BC, with evidence depicting wine as a major part of the culture in the middle east, and European wineries beginning their attempts in Macedonia.

The Macedonian Empire, that of Alexander the Great, became the precursor for the Roman Empire, and it's entirely possible that it's this very connection which led the history of wine in the direction it went. Most of the world's greatest vineyards in Western Europe were established by the Roman Empire (including those in Italy, Spain, and France).

After the Roman Empire fell, the great supporter of wine retained its place in Italy – or, more specifically, the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Church, the most politically dominant church (and by many accounts, the greatest political power in Europe for many hundred years) used wine in its mass rituals, and it's need and spread thereby continued with them. In many other religions, wine was actually restricted, but the Catholic church made it an essential requirement.

So from the first vineyards in the area of Iran, to the Macedonians, to the Romans, and then ultimately to the Roman Church, we can thank many people for the introduction of wine into history and its major role in thousands of cultures around the world.

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