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Bottle Openers

Bottle openers can be simple and affordable or expensive and elaborate.  It all depends on what kind of alcohol you’re drinking.  You don’t want to use a cheap bottle opener on an expensive bottle of wine or an expensive bottle opener on a cheap bottle of wine.  Your bottle opener has to match the value of the bottle of wine you’re drinking.  All bottle openers aren’t used just for opening bottles of wine though.  There are types of beer that require bottle openers for you to get into them.  The openers for these bottles are usually pretty basic.  They’re nothing more than a long tool with a lip that can catch on the bottom of the bottle cap.  You don’t really need much more than that to open a bottle of beer than this simple tool.

Wine Opener
You can’t drink your alcohol unless you have a good bottle opener.  Bottle openers are more important to drinking alcohol more than the glasses themselves.  Some of them don’t cost too much, so you can stock up to ensure you’re never going to be without one when you’re entertaining people with drinks.  The money you will spend on bottle openers will be worth it because you’re going to be able to enjoy several hours of drinking fun for a small price.  You can find bottle openers all over the place, including at most grocery stores.  Not all grocery stores sell alcohol, but most of them sell alcohol accessories, such as bottle openers.  You’re not going to have a hard time finding the right bottle opener.

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