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Beer Mugs

Whether you should drink your beer out of bottles or cans or cups or mugs is all a matter of class.  People might not want to admit that because alcohol is alcohol.  No matter what class you might be a member of, you have the option of drinking whatever type of alcohol you want in whatever vessel you want, but that’s definitely not the case.  You’re not going to see expensive bottles of wine and crystal wine glasses at a middle class party or cases of Budweiser and boxes of wine at an upper class social event.  That’s because each class drinks different types of alcohol in different ways.  You’re entitled to drink whatever you want in whatever you want as long as it’s in the sanctity of your own home.  When you’re going to a party, you need to drink what everyone else is drinking in whatever they’re drinking it in.  It might sound crazy to recommend conformity, but that’s essential to having a good time at most parties.

You might not like drinking alcohol out of beer mugs, but that doesn’t matter.  If everyone else is drinking out of beer mugs, you need to drink out of beer mugs.  You don’t want to do anything that makes you stand out like a sore thumb.  You want to blend in and be able to enjoy yourself without having to worry about people talking about you shunning their beer mugs.  You should drink out of beer mugs to make everyone else happy, even if it doesn’t make you happy.

Plastic beer mugs

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