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Bartending tools

Tending a bar can be a task that is more difficult than it may initially appear. However, whether you're doing so at home or at a professional location, there are a few tools which can help improve your effectiveness in bar tending. Here are a few important bar tending tools to help you fulfill your important role as well as you possibly can.

Let's start with the most basic basics. The ones that you probably already have, and if you don't, that you can buy at a local grocery store. These bar tending tools are so obvious that if you fail to have them, you just fail. End of story. A good bottle opener is the first thing. If you're serving up beers, especially foreign ones, this will sometimes be important. It's also necessary for many bottles of liquor. Wine openers (I don't recommend just a corkscrew, but rather the sort with a lever mechanism for easy opening) definitely help if you're using a lot of corked beverages.

Now, onto things you're not as likely to have. Shakers are a very important part of a any bar, and are needed for a variety of mix drinks. There are multiple types of shakers which can get you different effects and which are more or less effective with different drinks. Cool shakers, standard shakers, short shaker cut, and Boston shakers are the most common types that you'll want to have among your collection of bar tending tools. Beyond shakers, strainers are also very important for making certain drinks.

Other items are optional, but help improve the atmosphere. Good coasters, a towel, a lighter, and straws can all help provide the atmosphere that people are looking for. Beyond that, a tip jar is a good recommendation if you're looking to make some extra cash when you help people drink.

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