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Bartending supplies

To be a good bartender, whether professionally or in your own home, you need the proper bartending supplies. These bartending supplies will vary depending on the cocktail you are making. The most important bartending supply is the cocktail shaker. There are two types of cocktail shakers that are most common and that you should make yourself aware of.

A cobbler shaker is a traditional style shaker that includes three pieces: a tumbler, a lid with built in strainer, and a cap for the lid. This style is available with either glass or metal tumblers, but always a metal lid. A metal tumbler keeps the liquid cooler and is easy to use. You simply add the ingredients, cover, shake and pour.

Bartending supplies

The Boston shaker consists of two pieces, one glass tumbler and one metal bottom. The glass tumbler will often feature a rubber rim or seal. The mixing container and bottom are inserted into each other for shaking or used separately for stirring. The glass tumbler fits mouth to mouth with the metal and the whole contraption is shaken. If crushed ice is used a separate strainer such as a hawthorn or Julep is needed. This type of shaker is most often used in bars because of the speed at which drinks are mixed and poured.

There are a few basics in choosing a shaker. Choose glass or stainless steel for the most durability and highest quality. You should also invest in a good quality bottle openers, jigger or spirit measures as well as tongs, measuring spoons, large pitchers (for margaritas) and some novelties items if you wish such as cocktail swizzles or umbrellas (great for a tropical theme party). The proper bartending supplies are essential to your success as a bartender. High quality bar tools are the way you get high quality cocktails. Last but not least. Don’t forget to get yourself a tip jar…after all your hard work you deserve a little recognition.

Cobbler shaker

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