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Bar posters

So, you've collected everything you need for your home bar. You have a massive collection of top shelf liquors, and second line liquors to make the best possible combinations of alcohol. You have mixers and fruit drinks and sodas, fine organically grown coffee, grass fed whole milk, and on and on. What you may not have is good décor. As part of décor, though things like coasters can be a nice little add on, bar posters are very important. But what's the best place to find bar posters?

Bar Poster

Well, there are multiple answers to that. Luckily, with the popularity of college drinking, you'll find a lot of shops targeting college drinks that provide posters. Locations like Spencers or Hot Topic often have posters which will suit your bar poster needs, providing the rules to drinking games, amusing alcohol related pictures, and so on. This is the cheapest way to get a poster, since you don't have to worry about shipping. Often, five to ten dollars will get you a poster that you want, assuming you can find bar posters that you like.

Assuming you can't find bar posters that meet your needs, the next place to look is online. The internet is a beautiful place to shop for posters, and while you'll have to wait for the poster to arrive and pay for shipping, the good news is you have a selection of thousands of different posters to choose from. This means that you can find something absolutely perfect for your bar, but when you look at the poster options, just be certain that you look at the size, and make measurements if needed.

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