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Bar ice boxes

What is used to make almost any cocktail or drink? Ice. Yes, of course, ice. It is used to chill the liquor in our cocktail shakers. It is crushed in our blender to make frozen drinks such as margaritas, daiquiris and pina coladas. Ice is one the most indispensable items in any home bar. But where do we usually keep it? IF you are the average home bar owner probably not in the home bar. More than likely it is upstairs or down the hall in the refrigerator freezer in the kitchen. Far, far away from where you want it or need it when making a delicious cocktail. When entertaining you don’t want to have to go up the stairs or back over to the kitchen to get some ice for your cocktails. Also think of the mess if you spill that ice on the floor, on the stairs or on the even in the kitchen itself.

Bar ice boxes can easily be stored under any bar or on a bar counter top. They come in a variety of sizes, from tiny to almost as big as a refrigerator itself. They add convenience and allow the ice to be near the home bar. They make it easier to host a party and be part of the action, not running back and forth between the action and the kitchen for more ice. Bar ice boxes are a great addition to any home bar and with all the varieties of bar ice boxes available you can find a bar ice box to accommodate your needs and the needs of any sized home bar.

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