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Bar glassware

Bar glassware has been around as long as there have been bars and can be as varied as bars themselves. For example did you know there are three kinds of iced tea glasses you can use for the drinks associated with that potent beverage originating from Long Island? Yes, neither did I.

The most popular bar glassware is the cocktail glass. It is stemmed, with a flat base and a cone-shaped bowl on top. The reason behind the shape is because typically cocktails are chilled and therefore have an aromatic element. The wide bowl allows the aroma to be right under the drinker’s nose and if it is held by the stem than the chilled temperature is not greatly affected by the drinker.

Wine glasses are another varied type of glassware that depends greatly upon the wine you are drinking. For red wines the glasses bowls are usually wider and rounder which helps accelerate oxidation. White wines, however, vary the most. They vary from the long narrow bowl of the champagne flute to the wide, shallow glasses used for more full-flavored whites such as Chardonnay.


Now of course there are many other varieties of bar glassware ranging from shot glasses to tumblers, goblets and margarita glasses. Each one has there specific use but probably none more so than the beer glassware. Many bars go as far as not serving a specific beer if they do not have the appropriate glass ware to go with it. Pilsner glasses are lean and tapered. The slender glass helps reveal the color and carbonation of the beer. Wheat beer glasses are narrower on bottom. Tulip glasses trap the aroma and help trap large headed beers such as Duvel. Chalices and goblets are large, stemmed, bowl-shaped glasses adequate for serving heavy Belgian ales, German bocks, and other big sipping beers. The distinction between goblet and chalice is typically in the glass thickness. But no matter what while there are countless varieties of bar glassware to choose from the most important task maybe to make sure you like the glass your drinking from as well as what is in it.

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