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Bar Supply Checklist

There’s no specific order for the things you need to put in a bar.  Of course, you have to start out with a bar.  You will have no place to put your bar supplies if you don’t have a bar.  Once you have a bar, you should look at what kind of furniture you are going to need.  If you and your friends are fine with standing at a bar, you might make off without having to buy anything in this area.  But most bars have stools.  It’s the most common type of furniture in a bar.  It could either be a stool or a chair with a cushion or without.  What type of chair you choose depends on your preferences for comfort and the style of your bar.

Bar Supplies
As soon as furniture is squared away, you have to determine whether you want to dispense alcohol from a tap, or bring alcohol out of a fridge.  The tap approach is a little more complex because it requires you to install a tap in your bar, but it’s also the method that will earn you the most respect.  You can save a lot of money if you just have large fridges you can take alcohol out of, but that isn’t much different from what you do in the other parts of your house.  Try each one and see which works out the best for you.  If you have a full working tap in your house, you’re bound to get more praise than if you just turned your bar into a glorified kitchen without an oven.

Bar chairs

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