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Bar Mats

Bar mats are important, especially if the area behind your bar is made of some type of tile.  You can wear shoes that are advertised to prevent sliding, but odds are you’re still going to slide.  If the ground is extremely wet, your specialty shoes are no match for it.  You’re going to slip all over the place and wish you had put a bar mat down.  Bar mats protect your floor against the stuff you don’t want to get slipped on it.  Choose a plastic mat because softer mats are going to soak up more of the liquid.  You want something that’s going to make walking around the bar easier while helping you out in the long run.  Who knows what else is going to hit the mat during the course of a night.
Many people have gotten injured over the years.  If they had been wise and invested in bar mats and non-stick shoes, they wouldn’t be slipping all over the place and risking their customers’ loyalty and the likelihood their drink is going to end up on someone’s lap rather than in their stomach where it belongs.  If there’s anything that people who like drinking hate more, it’s not being able to drink what you bought or someone else bought you.  You have to bring your A game and make sure not a drop of the alcohol you’re serving is spilled.  If you make it, you’re going to be revered as a king, but if you don’t, people will pretty much be closing your shop down themselves.

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