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If you’re someone who can learn a lot from books and videos and wants to get into bartending, you should buy some bar books and videos.  Not many people are able to pick up how to do certain things related to a bar.  Usually, they have to learn from watching someone else do it and then they practice it over and over.  The problem with books arises with the wise range of ideas on how to do the same thing out there.  You could pick up a number of different, conflicting methods on how to mix the same drink or put together the same piece of bar equipment.  There is not just one right method of doing anything in a bar.  You can get the job done in a number of unique ways.

There’s a large variety of bar books and videos out there to help you do pretty much every task involving a bar.  You can find them for a decent price and be able to get informed on whatever you want to do within your bar.  We recommend that you choose bartending classes over bar books and videos because the end result is likely going to be better with this method.  You’re going to be able to do the tasks yourself and memorize them through muscle memory, which is far more effective than your reading comprehension and ability to remember what you’ve seen in videos.  It’s all up to you.  You should try both methods to see what works best for you.

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